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Mold Myths and Facts

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

Mold containment chamber.

There is a lot of information about mold out there, but how much of it is true? No one wants to deal with this issue, but it is important to know which are the correct steps, and which are wrong, if it becomes a problem in your home. There are many mold myths that could lead to the spreading of growth if they are followed. To ensure you know fact from fiction, we have outlined some of the most well-known myths as well as the facts. 

Bleach Kills Mold

Bleach is a not good option for killing mold. It is effective if the growth is on a hard, solid surface, such as tile or glass, but it will not work when the surface is porous. Unfortunately, many growths occur on these materials, like drywall and wood, in our homes. Bleach does not soak into porous materials, which means it can’t reach the growth spread out through the pores, it only kills the surface. The outer surface of the affected area will appear clean, as the bleach will have whitened any stains and scrubbed away the exterior mold, but the internal mold will be quick to grow back.

Bleach may even intensify a mold problem. The chlorine in bleach quickly evaporates which leaves behind a lot of water. Water that will soak into porous materials and then feed the mold that was left behind, potentially making the problem worse than it was originally.

Dead Mold Doesn't Need to Be Removed

Killing mold should not be the goal during remediation. Even “dead” mold can continue to act as an allergen and spread throughout your house. In order to remove all risks of continued growth in your home the affected areas need to be completely removed with correct remediation procedures

Any Black Mold is Toxic

There are over 100,000 different species of mold, and they can be any size, shape, or color. Just because a growth is black it does not mean that it is Stachybotrys chartarum, the species that is known as the toxic black mold. The only way to truly identify the species of mold in your house is for it to be tested by an industrial hygienist. 

Fix Mold by Painting Over it

Although it is a common practice, you cannot fix a mold problem by painting over it. Even when using mold resistant paint, a growth will not be killed or prevented from spreading. Paint will, however, make it more difficult to see when the mold has grown.

Mold resistant paint can be used in rooms with high moisture levels, such as bathrooms and kitchens, to help prevent growth. Using this paint is in no way a guarantee that you will never experience a mold problem, but when painted on dry, mold-free surfaces it can help prevent it in at risk rooms.

Mold Must be Tested Before it is Removed

Having mold testing can be an important, and expensive, step when determining if you have a mold problem in your home; however, it is not always necessary. All mold, regardless of its type, should be treated in the same manor by a remediation company. If your home is showing signs of mold, particularly if there is visible growth, then you know you have a problem that must be handled. Unless you personally want to know which species of mold is growing in your home, testing is unnecessary when it comes to removing it as the procedure and precautions taken should remain the same.

Mold is Only a Problem in Old Homes

Many people associate mold with older homes, but it can grow in any house, regardless of age, when provided with the right conditions. All mold requires to grow is darkness, a food source (typically drywall or wood in a home), and moisture. If you have any excessive moisture problems in a new home, you may soon have a mold issue too.

Stop Mold Now!

If you have mold in your home don’t spend the time worrying about what information is right or wrong, call in the professionals. SERVPRO of North Garland employees have the training and equipment to remove any growth from your home and reduce the potential for mold problems in the future. Call us now at 972-496-2441.

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