Recent Before & After Photos

Getting to the subfloor

In a water damage, either the water is easy to dry or it takes more than the 3-5 days. But there is so much more under the floor that we do not see or are not a... READ MORE

Removal of Carpet in a Loss

Water damages can be caused by many things. Some include a broken pipe, a frozen pipe, roof leak, sink/bathroom overflow, washer overflow, and many more. When t... READ MORE

Water Extraction

Water can flow, be absorbed, fall, but it can also stand. At this doctor's office, a pipe broke and created a very large water loss that covered almost the whol... READ MORE

Unexpected Storm Damage

Just like water flows in a river, it can flow into a home, especially if coming from a storm event. Water can flow into any part of the home, from the most obvi... READ MORE

Cleaning a Fire Damage with SERVPRO

SERVPRO has their own chemicals to use when sanitizing an affected area. Our cleaners include for furniture, electronics, appliances, and textiles. This house d... READ MORE

Church under Fire

Fire has no limits on the size or the place. This church in Carrollton was under fire and called us to come deodorize and clean their content. We cleaned their ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Job

Mold can start growing in places that are unexpected. This customer had mold in their home that was growing behind a freezer. Usually mold grows in areas where ... READ MORE

Garage Door Clean up

Someone crashed into their garage door and it caused quite a mess. Why would this customer want to clean up a mess they didn't want or cause? No worries! We hav... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning

We hear on the radio of carpet cleaning companies who specify in carpet cleaning. Then you hear about us throughout your research and you wouldn't think a resto... READ MORE


The city of Garland is known for being the largest city northeast of Dallas. When you get into larger city like Garland, more happens and some of us are not awa... READ MORE