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Where Mold Grows

We know that mold grows where there is moisture present, but did you know there is moisture behind the wallpaper in the kitchen? That was the case at ... READ MORE


When there is a small visible area of mold, we start by removing some of the affected to see if there is more growth. When we find more, and it is contiguous, w... READ MORE

Mold in Unexpected Areas

When we think of mold, we look for it in the obvious places like open areas. But mold could be found anywhere in the home, like the bottom of a closet. SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Sprinkler system in house

Normally, all locations have fire alarms to alert when a fire is coming. Some houses, though, still have a sprinkler system. This house had a fire and the ... READ MORE

Cleaning a Fire Damage with SERVPRO

SERVPRO has their own chemicals to use when sanitizing an affected area. This house didn't have a big fire, but there was soot residue on the cabinets and ceili... READ MORE

Church under Fire

This church in Carrollton was under fire and called us to come deodorize and clean their content. We cleaned their pews, sanitized, and placed equipment to scru... READ MORE

School Water Damage

We received a call of a water damage at a school. Our team of highly trained employees went out to the job. They extracted all the water and placed equipment. W... READ MORE

More Mold Jobs!

This time of year is prime for mold, or growth, to grow inside your home. It's not too hot to dry any water our and it's not to cold to freeze it. If there has ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Job

Mold can start growing in places that are unexpected. This customer had mold in their home that was growing behind a freezer. Usually mold grows in areas where ... READ MORE

Garage Door Clean up

Someone crashed into their garage door and it caused quite a mess. Why would this customer want to clean up a mess they didn't want or cause? No worries! We hav... READ MORE