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When the Toilet Turns Against You

8/10/2021 (Permalink)

a toilet overflowing with water Toilet water damage is disruptive and disgusting.

Nobody wants to have to deal with a water damage in their home or business, but this is especially true when that water damage is a result of a toilet backing up.

If this happens to you - and you find yourself dealing with water damage - here is what to do.

First - turn the water off and avoid the contaminated area as much as possible to prevent sewage from being tracked into any other rooms.

Then, call your insurance agent to file a claim - and then call us to assess the extent of the damage and make it "Like it never even happened."

Once our team is on site, we will remove anything that may have been contaminated by the toilet water, including flooring, drywall, and ceilings.

After all infected materials have been removed, our professionals will do a thorough disinfection. Once things are clean, we will put in dehumidifiers and fans to remove any excess water that remains.

If you experience a water damage at your home, especially those that are created by a toilet or sewage backup call SERVPRO of North Garland anytime at 972-496-2441.     

It’s Summer – Try to Stay Cool

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

a hot sun Summer heat can cause damage to humans and houses.

It’s summertime in North Garland! That means it’s H-O-T. On top of being a concern for people’s safety, heat can also cause damage to your home – especially if you live in a more urban development without distance and trees to provide some relief from the sun. We’ve got some tips to keep both humans and their homes protected from extreme heat.

  • Stay inside on those super-hot days. Make sure your pets are also indoors – and that you are all hydrated. If you have to go outside - then loose-fitting, light-colored clothes are best, make sure to wear sunscreen and keep a water bottle nearby. If you’re at outdoor sporting events, an umbrella can also help block the hot sun.
  • If you are going to exercise outside – leave a wet bandana in the freezer overnight and wear it around your neck when out in the sun to help keep your temperature from rising too quickly. Heat exhaustion is no joke – and can lead to heat stroke which is life threatening.
  • When things get hot, they expand – and this includes hardwood flooring, doorframes, shingles, rafters and joists. This can cause doors to stick, sealant to stretch and shingles to crack. To decrease the impact of summer heat on your roof, you can install an attic fan, additional insulation or even ridge vents to help keep it cooler. We can’t say it enough but regular maintenance is key to avoiding damage in your home.
  • Excessive temperatures can also crack the paint on your door and/or home. Look for bubbling, chipping, and flaking paint after a stretch of 100+ degree days. There are special types of paints and finishes that can offer some protection from our Texas temps.
  • If you have a refrigerator in the garage, the compressor will work extra hard to keep its contents cold. Compressors get very hot when they run constantly and could become a fire hazard. Make sure there isn’t trash or anything flammable near your garage fridge and consider using a portable fan to reduce temperatures.
  • Cars parked in direct sunlight will heat up considerably and items inside can melt or even explode in some cases. Never keep an aerosol can in the car and avoid leaving cell phones, cameras or other small electronics in the car when you are not driving. Remember that the door handles, seat belt buckles and any metal surface will also get hot when in the sunlight. Using a sun-shade or parking undercover will help reduce the effects of heat on your automobile.

Stay safe and cool this summer – and remember you can call SERVPRO of North Garland if you experience fire or water damage in your home. Call us anytime at 972-496-2441.

If These Walls Could Talk

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

Water on the exterior of a home Watch for signs of water damage in your walls.

It would be a lot easier to know when you’ve got a leak in the wall of your home if the walls could actually talk. But since they can’t, it pays to know what to look for when it comes to water damage in your walls. Leaks can come from poor caulking, a leaky pipe or from holes in the roof and often you won’t see a sign until the damage has been done.

Stains, Smells & Seams

If you see a water stain or any sort of discoloration in the walls or ceiling – you’ve got a leak. Stains start small and are easily missed if the wall is painted or if there is furniture covering that section of the wall. Check carefully around doorframes and windows as well as in near appliances that use water such as a dishwasher, ice machine or even the hot water heater in your home.

If you start to smell something musty – it could be mold or mildew due to water damage behind the walls or cabinets. Make sure to check both sides of the walls – and if one side is externally facing – make sure to check outside sources for a water leak.

Another sign of water in the walls is actually on the floor! Water can drip behind the walls and cause floor damage at the seams.  If you notice a texture change in your floors, such as buckling or cupping, it’s a good idea to call a professional for help uncovering the source of the leak.

At SERVPRO of North Garland, we know the signs and can assess any water damage quickly and effectively. We will dry the affected area and can also do any reconstruction necessary.  

Don't Forget the Foundation

4/28/2021 (Permalink)

Water pooling next to a house. Don't forget the foundation!

We’re heading into another few days of Rain here in North Garland - after 2 winter storms and a tornado sighting in the area. That is a lot of water – and with water comes the potential for damage.

We know that regularly inspecting the roof and keeping gutters clean are important for avoiding leaks in the ceiling and walls of your home. Did you know it’s just as important to keep rainwater away from your home’s foundation?

If you notice pooling near the foundation, there are a few things you can check and correct:

1 – Check the gutters again. Even clean ones might be too short or improperly angled so water isn’t draining away from your house.

2 – Check the grading of the soil near the foundation.

It should slope away – and if it doesn’t, you will need to add dense soil to create the proper grading (clay soil is best.)

3 – Correct it with a French drain around the foundation. To do this, dig a trench with a 3-5% downslope, line it with plastic and place a drain with perforations in it to pull the water away.

4 – Correct any cracks in the driveway. If your driveway is connected to the house, make sure there aren’t cracks or holes where water can seep underneath when it rains.

5 – Correct the drainage on either side of your house. Make sure your neighbors aren’t inadvertently sending water your way. They may need their own French drain or you may need to build a retaining wall between your properties to keep water from rolling into your yard.

 Rain is good for the earth – but not for your foundation so make sure to keep your eye out for pesky puddles after our next storm.

Proud to be Purpose Driven

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

House with SERVPRO van in front. We are one team driven by a common purpose.

One of the reasons we chose to become SERVPRO franchise owners is because the company has an established purpose that aligns with our personal approach to doing business. Countless business publications and studies have proven that purpose driven companies have greater success in building customer and employee loyalty.

The SERVPRO™ Purpose is “To Help Entrepreneurs Succeed.” At SERVPRO of North Garland we believe everyone we do business with is an “entrepreneur”- so we strive to ensure success across the board.

  • We want our customer entrepreneurs to feel taken care of so that they can get back to their life and not worry about the details of their damage restoration.
  • We want our employee entrepreneurs to feel they have a career that provides growth opportunities through training and advancement.
  • We want our community entrepreneurs to feel supported through local and national sponsorships and volunteering.

Our success is driven by our customers’ success – nothing means more to us than making a difference for those in need. It is our purpose and how we run our company.

 - Alison & Juan, Owners

Tackling Things as a Team

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

servpro vehicles in snow SERVPRO teams working together to handle widespread damage from ice and snow in North Garland.

Our team at SERVPRO of North Garland has been working around the clock, answering calls and working toward appointments for thousands of customers across DFW. 

One of the great things about SERVPRO as a company is the support we receive from headquarters when things are overwhelming. As of last Sunday, our corporate office activated the SERVPRO Storm Response - which is when unaffected franchises send staff and equipment to help in markets that need additional support. 

To date, we've had over 50 franchises outside of DFW join forces with the local franchises to expand our combined abilities to help people in our communities.

We are thankful to serve the North Garland community and we are thankful that our corporate community serves us.

Bye Bye - Bio Hazards

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

A Biohazard symbol and Proceed with Caution instruction. Safety is Priority #1 When Dealing With Biohazards.

There have always been hazardous biological agents associated with fire and mold damage, and more recently there has been the need for deep anti-viral cleaning services to combat the spread of Coronavirus. As the needs change, so has SERVPRO of North Garland so we are prepared to handle any Bio Recovery situation. This expertise differentiates us from many disaster recovery competitors.

We have Certified Bio Recovery Technicians (CBRTs) on our staff, who have been specially trained in the cleanup of biohazardous agents such as blood and other infectious matter.

Our first step is to disinfect what can be salvaged, removing potentially harmful substances. The team will then collect any materials that can’t be completely disinfected (such as carpet since it is particularly porous) in order to dispose of them properly and avoid cross-contamination.

We have specialized equipment, personal protection equipment and solvents that empower our team to manage any biohazard situations as quickly and safely as possible.

Like all disasters, Bio Hazards are extremely unfortunate and have to be handled with careful detail for complete recovery. Your team at SERVPRO of North Garland is ready to help if needed. Call us anytime at 972-496-2441.

Looking for Leaks Can Save Money

1/31/2021 (Permalink)

cartoon water leak and headline about finding leaks Look for leaks to save money.

Winter months are a great time to do a leak check in your home since most people don’t use as much water in colder months. According to the EPA, a typical family of 4 doesn’t use more than 12K gallons in a winter month. If your bill shows higher use – it’s probably a good idea to look for leaks.

Another way to know if you have a water leak is to watch your water meter before and after a 2 hour time period when you know you didn’t use any water. If it indicates that you did – then something is leaking somewhere.

These are the most common causes of water leaks in a residential home: 

  • Dishwashers
  • Washing Machines
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Ice Machines
  • Outdoor Faucets
  • Indoor Shower Heads and Faucets

If you do find a leak, it can often be fixed by tightening a valve, cleaning a drain or replacing a washer depending on the item that is leaking. There are many tutorials that you can watch to guide you through a simple fix like one of these. If you complete the DIY leak repairs but still find water – then call SERVPRO of North Garland to come inspect the damage. Often our technicians can diagnose where the leak originated while working on site.

If you have any concerns about potential water leaks and subsequent damage, call us at 972-496-2441.

Happy New Year Neighbor!

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

A graphic with a Happy 2021 banner. SERVPRO of North Garland wishes all of our neighbors a great 2021 and offers 5 maintenance must-dos.

We’re nearly a month into 2021 and the start of the year is the perfect time to give your home or office an in-depth overview to assess any potential risks and prepare for the year ahead.

Accidents happen and SERVPRO of North Garland is here to help our neighbors recover from any size disaster. But being a good neighbor also means sharing information – so here are 5 maintenance must-dos to kick of the new year.

  1. Give your gutters a good onceover to make sure they are clean since clogs can trap moisture and lead to leaks.
  2. Test smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers to make sure they are working. Now is a great time to develop a Family Escape Plan as well -
  3. Prevent leaks and odors by cleaning the garbage disposal – grind several ice cubes, then flush with hot water and baking soda.
  4. Inspect the roof for missing, loose, or damaged shingles and leaks.
  5. Call us to get a free Emergency Readiness Assessment for your home or office. Our experts will check for concerns and help build a resource plan for managing potential emergencies.

Your neighborhood restoration experts are here if you need us – call SERVPRO of North Garland at (972) 496-2441,

Dry Ice Blasting for Commercial Fires

11/13/2020 (Permalink)

A technician dry ice blasting a fire damaged room. Dry-ice blasting is an eco-friendly and fast way to remove damage from fire.

As a commercial property owner, you know how important it is to get back to work after any sort of disaster. We've been working with large and small commercial properties for over 50 years and have an arsenal of restoration techniques depending on the building and situation. One of the fastest and most eco-friendly one is referred to as Dry-Ice Blasting (also called CO2 Blasting, or Dry Ice Dusting.)

Dry-ice blasting is used to remove surface stains - most often this is char, soot and residue that is left behind after the flames have been extinguished. It works by using compressed air to accelerate dry ice pellets to create mini-explosions that lift the stain from the substrate. Despite how that sounds - it is non-abrasive , non-conductive and can be used without damaging active electrical or mechanical equipment.

In most cases, items won’t need to be disassembled because it finds its way into small spaces between parts. Disassembly and reassembly are time consuming so dry-ice blasting can reduce downtime so you can return to business quicker.

Our goal is to put things back together so that it looks and feels like “it never happened.” If you experience fire damage, SERVPRO of North Garland can dry-ice blast away the damage, remove lingering odors and minimize downtime for you and your tenants.

If your business needs help with fire damage, give SERVPRO of North Garland a call at 972-496-2441.